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In GRIHO trust in education as one key instrument. Therefore we offer different alternatives to teach in the field of Human Computer-Interaction.


At university

  • Human Computer-Interaction. 6ECTS, 4th semester, mandatory.
  • Legal, Social & Professional Aspects. 6ECTS, 5th semester, mandatory. In this subject HCI part is the Legal aspectes reffered with accessiblity.
  • User Centered Design. 6 ECTS, 6th semester, optional in Information Technologies speciality.
  • Requirements Engineering. 6 ECTS, 6th semester, optional in Software Engineering speciality.
  • Hardware & Software validation systems. 6 ECTS, 8th semester, optional in Computer Science speciality. In this subject HCI part is that reffered with software validation.
  • Evaluation Techniques and User Tests. 6 ECTS, 1rst semester, mandatory.
  • Practices as part of a research group. 7,5 ECTS, 3rd semester, optional for students interested in HCI research.

Master's Degree in Human-Computer Interaction

Group members also perform teaching Human Computer Interaction at other universities:

  • Master in Web Technologies. Castilla La Mancha University (Albacete), since 2007.
  • Master in Information and Communication Technologies Science. Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (Panamá). HCI speciality, since 2010.



Training "in company"

  • Customised courses tailored to business professionals. Possibility of making them in-house or in the facilities group. 
  • Specific courses: Specialized training in topics such as usability, accessibility, user centered design, information architecture, semantic web, etc. .. all within the field of Human-Computer Interaction    
  • Specialized seminars: short duration activities for professional professionals.